Enabling your Field Service Management digital transformation

OverIT supports everyday operators, engineers, and teams of field technicians in fixing faults, performing preventive or emergency maintenance, and effectively inspecting assets, in mobility, in the field.

We live in an exponential time; everything is fast and ever-changing. Think about sustainability and green energy, and how much speed and fast innovation are important. Business organizations are facing an intense digital transformation process: new technologies, new techniques, new needs and challenges, and new ways of working.

Disruptive technologies are emerging and shaping the future of Field Service Management: Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, IoT, GIS, and sensors.

In this scenario, OverIT comes to its customers as the trusted software partner for optimizing Field Service Management mission-critical operations and for enabling innovation, taking them all the way through the Field Service of the future.

The Next-Gen FSM Platform is the best-of-breed FSM and field collaboration solution all over the world. It is a unified platform that excels on the linear asset industries where GIS and Offline Mobility are paramount (Energy & Utility, Oil & Gas, Telco, and Transportation).

It provides a single modern subscription-based platform that is secure, configurable, upgradable, and extensible, aimed to simplify the implementation time and reduce costs, while performing at scale in complex enterprise scenarios.

The solution is loved by customers and partners. It is easy to sell and cross-sell and has the highest level of compliance.

OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform Marchitecture


OverIT has strong expertise in linear asset management. Our core industries are: Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Telco, and Transportation. We focus on customers in mission-critical industries from the platform, product, and services side. With over 20 years of field service history and hundreds of live customers in these sectors, we already know what core use cases and key core capabilities users need.


On top of the foundation layer are the field service management core modules. These are meant to accommodate our customers’ needs in various areas of field Service operations. For instance, customer service and asset maintenance, scheduling and dispatch, and mobile empowerment. GIS, real-time collaboration, and virtual training, are standard and out of the box, however they function as a great differentiator and add unique value to our customers. Our foundation is flexible and scalable enough to enable collaboration with customers if they want to add on their own custom modules to meet their specific needs. We work with them through co-innovation projects or collaborate with our trusted partners, to build and maintain their custom modules.


On top of this standard layer, there is an advanced technology one, also known as precision layer. It is meant to be a collection of innovation modules to help our customers elevate their Field Service strategies, pushing for the next generation of field service management strategy and being more data-driven.

For example, using the Machine Learning precision and optimization engine, our customers can exactly determine the duration of a job based on several data, such as job type and location, customer, asset, the technician the job is going to be assigned to, and so on and so forth. This is going to drive field operations more efficiently and precisely.


Implementing field service management software is a crucial step in the process of improving and streamlining operations. OverIT is aware of this fact and helps overcome this issue through an easy, efficient, and out-of-the-box way of approaching integration. Being an execution layer, it is designed to work with other IT landscapes customers may already have. The solution connects to market- leading ERP and CRM solutions, such as SAP and Salesforce, to GIS platform solutions, such as Esri, and to IoT products, like OSIsoft and so on and so forth. 

The Next-Gen FSM Platform is easily configurable, seamlessly upgradable, and strongly oriented to the extensibility of FSM features, ensuring and providing evidence of:
Simplifying implementation
Reducing times to deliver the platform
Staying up to date on the latest FSM features
Unlocking the full potential of the most advanced technologies
Letting partners leverage the OverIT extensible operating system
Helping customers extend FSM features and integrations
OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform
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